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Tell Me

What is the “Tell Me” guest blog? It is a 400-600 word (more if you need it) blog post where you tell me something about your project. Tell me why you did it. Or what inspired you. Or something that you’ve always wanted to tell the world about the project. Tell me why you love it. Or hate it. Or what you learned. Tell me anything you want. I’m listening.

Your blog post needs to be about a project coming out within a month or have been out for not more than six months (in general--there are always exceptions). It doesn’t have to be a book. It can be a kickstarter, a calendar, a book, an RPG supplement, an anthology, a charity fundraiser. But it does need to be connected to SFF (science-fiction, fantasy, or horror) in some way.

This is not an ad for the project. This is you, connecting with the reader, to tell them something that might not otherwise be known. Think of it as you sitting down to chat over coffee or a beer.

Each "Tell Me" blog post will be posted once a week on Mondays or Tuesdays (depending on my schedule). I will ping you with the URL for the post once it is up. As it is now, I will be allowing comments on the site but if spam gets to be too much, I'll shut them down.

Query me via email (I'm gaaneden over at gmail) for more information or to request a date for a "Tell Me" guest blog.