Our TARDIS Little Free Library

When we discovered that the Little Free Library existed, we knew we had to have one in front of our house. I'm already known as "that author lady" in the neighborhood. It was the Husband, Jeff, who decided it would be a TARDIS from Doctor Who and I agreed. (A bit more on why we have a blue box full of worlds in our front yard.)

The Husband made the TARDIS by hand with no plans. He made his own calculations, a few mistakes, and a number of brilliant moves. In the end, this is what he created. I must admit, though biased, I think it looks pretty darned spiffy. (Add: Lots of people have asked how the Husband made the TARDIS. Here's the extent of our TARDIS Little Free Library Build Details.)

The TARDIS can hold about 40 books. We have 35 in there now, have about another two dozen we rotate in and out, and we are always accepting new books to rotate in. We need more teen and middle-grade appropriate books. If you would like to donate books, please send them to:

Jennifer Brozek
Little Free Library
6830 NE Bothell Way, STE C #404
Kenmore, WA 98028

If you have any questions, please use my contact form to get in touch with us. Thank you.
~Jennifer Brozek

What is this? Could it be... a TARDIS? No, it's a Little Free Library!

Let's sneak up from behind...

Now from the left side. Man, that's a good looking TARDIS.

Yep. It looks just as good from the right. There's the official Little Free Library sign, too.

This is what a person sees when they walk up to it.

A closer look at that sign in the door.

Jeff and Jennifer would like to thank the following people for their donations to their TARDIS Little Free Library:

* The Northwood Neighborhood Walkers
* Jason Andrew
* The Endeavor Award
* Hans Cummings
* Eliana Belenky
* Chadwick Ginther
* Elizabeth Huett
* Katie Cord of Evil Girlfriend Media
* The Murray-Dawes family
* Heather Jordan

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