Jennifer Brozek | Gen Con Bound

Gen Con Bound

I will be at Gen Con this year, in person, in the Writers Symposium and in Authors Avenue (Booth U) in the Dealer’s Room. My schedule is all over the place and I suspect I will spend a lot of time running between the Downtown Marriott where the Symposium is held and the Convention Center Dealer’s Room(PDF).

That said, there is a “no shyness” zone around me. If you see me and want to say hello, please do so. Though, you may have to keep up with me if I’m moving from one area to another.

If I’m not at a panel, I’m at my booth. If I’m not at my booth, the Husband will know where I am. Hope to see you there!

My Symposium Schedule


  • 11:00 AM, Marriott : Atlanta - The Full-Time Myth
  • 2:00 PM, Marriott : Atlanta - Rated R: Writing Sex Scenes
  • 5:00 PM, Marriott : Ballroom 1 - Blank Page Blues
  • 8:00 PM, Convention Center : Wabash 1 - Meet the Pros Party


  • 11:00 AM, Marriott : Ballroom 1 - Spit and Polish
  • 2:00 PM, Marriott : Ballroom 1 - Gamifying Stories and Storifying Games
  • 4:00 PM, Marriott : Austin - Writing in 3D


  • 11:00 AM, Dealers Room, Booth 1611, Catalyst Game Labs Author Signing
  • 1:00 PM, Marriott : Atlanta - When One Book Becomes Many
  • 5:00 PM, Marriott : Austin - Defining Traits in Writing


Authors Avenue Map

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