Jennifer Brozek | The Jennifer Award - Feb 2018

The Jennifer Award - Feb 2018

From now until I decide I want to stop doing this, I will be giving out a monthly “Jennifer Award” for the best new-to-me thing I read that month. This can be fiction or non-fiction. It can be an essay/article, a short story, a novelette, a novella, or a novel. It doesn’t matter when it came out. It only matters that this is the first time I read it and I thought it was the best thing I read all month. Yes, it is completely subjective and biased towards what I like to read.

The winner will receive a shiny digital badge and a $5 gift card.

February’s winner of the Jennifer Award is “When We Fall” by Kameron Hurley. Technically, I heard it first on the Escape Pod podcast, episode 611. But, I’ve gone back to read and reread passages from it throughout the month. It really is a thought provoking story about acceptance. I recommend you take a listen or a read.

Jan: Godfall and Other Stories by Sandra M. Odell
Feb: “When We Fall” by Kameron Hurley


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