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RIP Rich Taylor

I hadn’t realized that it’d been so long since an official blog post. Thank goodness for Bubble and Squeek. I’m sorry that today I’m writing about the death of a dear friend, a brother of my heart, Rich Taylor AKA UnkyRich. I wish it weren’t so. I just spent an hour looking for a picture* I took of Rich the day we met at one of Chris Senft’s parties.  I can’t find it. I probably put it in a very safe place. I think it was about 1993. The earliest picture I found of Rich is 1995. He liked having his picture taken as much as I do.

I hate that I’m already automatically writing “liked” versus “likes.”

Rich died on September 17th. Today is his memorial. I couldn’t go. Sometime in the future, Cil and I will meet up for a drink and remember him together. For now, just the thought of that sentence closes my throat and brings tears to my eyes.

And yet, I can’t help thinking, “What did he have in his pockets when he died?” Because Rich talked about carrying strange little items with him so that, if he suddenly died, the coroner could see his things and wonder what the hell was up with him. It’s one of the reasons I carry skeleton keys in my purse.

Also, one of the reasons wanted to find that picture of Rich was the other thing he said he wanted to do: Get two pictures of someone about fifteen years apart and write dates on them—something very early for the older picture and something later for the younger picture with the question, “How did he do it? I must know!” on the back of it. Then leave those two pictures in a safety deposit box. Just to give people something to puzzle over.

Rich touched my life in many ways. He was a best friend and confidant. I missed him a lot in the years I’ve lived in Washington. I tried to see him and Cil as much as possible but it’s been less and less over the years and my more busy travel schedule. But when we’d talk… it was like no time had passed. I appreciated that.

I wish I had been able to play in one more of his games.

I guess there’s not much more to say. I loved him as a brother and I will miss him as a friend.

*Physical picture. This is from the 1990s when we didn't have the internet like we do today. Get off my lawn!**

**Something else Rich used to say a lot. :)

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