Jennifer Brozek | RustyCon


RustyCon was interesting in the fact that I felt like I was the living embodiment of balanced karma. If something bad happened, something good happened, too. And, vice versa. Here's a bunch of good things that happened:

  • Got my first meal for free.
  • Spent a bit of time with Timothy Zahn and compared typos in published works. (His was worse by far. One of his books had his first name spelled "Tymothy" on the hardcover spine.)
  • Timothy and his wife, Anna, came to my release party. It was super keen to sign my books to people like Timothy and Anna.
  • I felt like I really contributed on all my panels.
  • Got to spend some time chatting with Katie about EGM and some future plans. Good things are on the horizon.

You get to figure out what the karmic balance to all that goodness was.

I'm almost done editing NEVER LET ME LEAVE. I have edits for CHIMERA INCARNATE waiting for me and I just heard from my editor that edits for Melissa Allen #1, NEVER LET ME SLEEP will drop in February. This gives me enough time to finish my Mech short story and start one of the other two short stories on contract. While I do everything else, of course.

Busy-busy as usual but still happy.

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