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Juggling Something

My schedule has hit a point where I have enough projects in the air that I need to work on several a day instead of my preferred: focus on one, get a lot done.  Most of it is editing projects in various states of editing.

I now have to portion out my time like this:

  • 2 hours – Chicks Dig Gaming (edit polish pass)
  • 1 hour – Anthology story (write)
  • 2 hours – Jay Lake’s Process of Writing (edit pass)
  • 1 hour – Email, reminders, schedule check, social media
  • 2 hours – Pays-the-bills work
  • 1 hour – Apocalypse Ink stuff

Once I have that done—I know it’s only 8 hours—if I want, I can go back to the anthology story. I’ll probably have this schedule for the next week. All of this needs to get done while dealing with vet visits, house cleaning, remembering to eat, laundry, exercising, etc…

I much prefer doing something like 6 hours on project #1 and 4 hours on project #2 each day. But, alas, deadlines conspire against me. So, while I’m not quite to the “juggling chainsaws” type of schedule, I am definitely juggling something. Maybe just knives.

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