Jennifer Brozek | Westercon 65 Panel

Westercon 65 Panel

Westercon 65
Itinerary for Jennifer Brozek
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Fri Jul 6 11:00:amFri Jul 6 1:00:pmFairwood Writers Workshop RR1
Penthouse SuitePanelists will read (before the con) and critique manuscripts submitted by beginning- to intermediate-level writers.
Chris Bodan Jennifer Brozek Michael Ehart Richard A. Lovett

Fri Jul 6 3:00:pmFri Jul 6 4:00:pmThe Horror of Everyday Things
Cascade 7-8Monsters are inherently scary. But what about everyday items? How can the horror author turn the mundane terrifying?
Gadget the Emperor Gwen Perkins Jennifer Brozek M Todd Gallowglas Miss Amber Clark

Fri Jul 6 7:00:pmFri Jul 6 8:00:pmThe Liar
Cascade 5Panelists can get tired of answering the same questions over and over again: Do you need an agent? where do you get your ideas? how did you sell your first work? how about collaborating with me on this great story idea I have? are those dragons aerodynamically sound? So on this panel, the audience asks the questions and the panelists answer in any way they see fit.
Brenda Cooper David Boop Gibbitt Rhys-Jones Jennifer Brozek Michael Ehart

Sat Jul 7 12:00:pmSat Jul 7 1:00:pmArmageddon 101
Cascade 3-4So you want to destroy the universe? Maybe just a planet or two? Join the melee as some of our favorite experts work out a few scenarios that might just do the trick.
Anna Sheehan David Brin Gadget the Emperor Jennifer Brozek Ted Butler

Sat Jul 7 4:00:pmSat Jul 7 5:00:pmIs Science Fiction still a forward looking field?
Olympic 2In an era where steampunk and alternate history are popular subgenres does the field of Science Fiction still have a mandate to present the future in a realistic fashion?
Gadget the Emperor Jennifer Brozek Ted Butler

Sat Jul 7 5:00:pmSat Jul 7 6:00:pmWriting Media Tie-Ins: Heaven or Hell?
Cascade 6What's it like to play in someone else's sandbox? How does it differ from just doing your own thing?
David Boop Janna Silverstein Jennifer Brozek M Todd Gallowglas

Sun Jul 8 1:00:pmSun Jul 8 2:00:pmCollaborating With Artists
Cascade 7-8Authors frequently collaborate with artists from other media: Painters, photographers, and prop makers. Collaboration requires excellent communication between creators who speak different languages. It's not as easy as most people think, especially when both sides can be temperamental. Panelists will give their tips on effective communication for artistic collaborations.
David Brin Jennifer Brozek Michael Ehart Miss Amber Clark Solarbird, the Lightbringer

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